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About us

Birds, Beaks, Feathers and Formulas

We are Wyoming's only commercial emu ranch, located in the southeastern part of the State.  We are a small family-run ranch, but committed to quality and the raising of healthy birds.  We hatch and raise all of our birds by hand to ensure they are healthy and well-cared for.  No growth hormones or chemical additives are used in the care and feeding of our birds, ensuring healthy growth.

The health  benefits of emu oil  are amazing, being hypo-allergenic, a natural anti-inflammatory and a great moisturizer.  The oil transmits into the deepest layers of skin opening up the pores, increasing circulation and allowing the body to heal itself.  It is a perfect vehicle for essential oils, which lead to the development of our products.

We no longer personally use commercial products, and prefer the all-natural soaps, lotions and balms we have produced, with a noticeable improvement in our skin health and general well-being.  All of our products are tested by us, through family members and focus customer groups.  No product is available that hasn't proven effective.

All emu oil products are not created equal.  We guarantee quality in our products by following painstaking guidelines of quality emu oil, quality ingredients and product effectiveness testing.  Our oil meets the American Emu Association Oil Certification Standards.  We will not sell any products with emu oil from outside the United States.  The ingredients we use are of the highest quality and have the fewest chemical additive possible.  We consider our products natural due to the lack of detergents, petroleum by-products or genetically modified ingredients.

Emu Meat Benefits

The meat from emu is also very beneficial, being a high-protein, low-fat red meat, and is an excellent alternative for health-conscious consumers.  Compared to venison, ostrich, bison, turkey and elk, emu meat ranks #1 in 15 of 20 categories for protein, fat, cholesterol, vitamins and minerals, and second in 3 others.*  It is also a tasty, safe and nutritious alternative for anyone allergic to mammal meat.  Our packaging is done by a USDA inspected facility and meets all health standards for the industry.

*University of Wisconsin-Madison, June, 2000 Alternative Meat Study and USDA Nutrient Database.