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So YOu want to raise an emu...


The Basics

Raising emus is a unique and sometimes challenging endeavor.  They are not the typical livestock, and can offer some unique circumstances.

Land Requirements

Emus require ample open range to be content.  They can run at speeds in excess of 30 mph, and need large areas to run and interact with each other.  They also need visual separation  for those moments when they're not playing well together.

Nutritional Needs

Emus need a specialized formula for the feed.  It is a 20% protein mix and includes other vitamins and minerals not present in most livestock feed.

Fencing Requirements

Typically, a 6-foot non-wood fence is needed to contain an emu.  They are exceptional jumpers, and can even clear a 6-foot fence when agitated.  They can be fairly destructive, also, so maintenance is a constant concern.

Medical and Vet Care

You may find that there are few vets who are familiar with emus.  It takes a ambitious vet to learn the physiology and care needs of a ratite.

Animal Sales

Emus lay typically from December through May in Wyoming.  The incubation period is approximately two months.  We like to ensure our chicks are healthy after hatching, so will allow 2-3 weeks before they are available.  Please contact us for availability, and please be prepared to answer fencing, land and care questions, as we will not sell them without knowing they are going to an appropriate environment.